About 2pack.in

2pack.in is an online division of Global Parachem LLP, a leading Indian flexible packaging company that offers an extensive range of multilayer films, compostable films, shrink films, tamper-proof security bags, FMCG packaging and customized printing and packaging solutions as per customer’s requirement. With more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing quality poly films & bags in India, we aim to provide clients with superior products whilst maintaining an outstanding customer service ethos. We make use of our cutting edge research knowledge as well as our Manufacturing capabilities for bespoke, customized and personalized polythene bags, sheeting and packaging solutions. Our Company is driven by an ambition of becoming a leader in providing unmatched quality products & services.

With exceptional cutting edge technology, 2Pack.in in no time has seen remarkable growth in both production quality as well as quantity. We focus on seamless customer relationship services with our commitment focused from receiving the orders to executing it and finally a timely delivery. 2Pack.in is a one stop destination for all flexible packaging needs.

Our biggest USP is having all in-house processes from extrusion of films from raw material to the production of the end product that contributes to seamless, effective as well as timely delivery of orders. At 2Pack.in we have always invested in the future with state of the art machineries.